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Safe and Effective Four-Legged Wildlife Removal

The professionals at Bats in the Belfry ADC in Bristol, VT use safe methods to remove four-legged wildlife from your property. We also make sure that they’re relocated so that they don’t come back.

  • Foxes

  • Skunks

  • Raccoons

  • Squirrels

  • Opossums

  • Woodchucks

  • GUARANTEE on all work

PROMPT and dependable removal

In addition to effectively removing the animal from your property, you can get re-entry prevention, odor elimination, animal waste cleanup, and other related services.


Protect your residential or commercial property from disease-filled animals today. Trust our fully insured team with 25 years of experience. Call 802-989-4451!

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Dependable emergency services are available!

Bats in the Belfry ADC is a member of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association.